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+735% conversions in 6 months since its launch
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Performance advertising as the main source of income
How to launch and scale properly a retail startup in digital advertising?

With what kind of advertising tools should a startup start promoting itself on the Internet?
When and why is it worth launching outreach campaigns?
Let's look at all of this in this case study.
Artur Shustov
Founder Morris Digital ✊
Main task:
● launch advertising campaigns from scratch
● make a fast increase in the number of orders
● reach a return on marketing investments
1. Strategy

For the task of rapid growth in the number of orders, we chose performance advertising tools, where we draw traffic that has already formed a request and need for our offer: in Google Ads branded campaigns, categories, competitors and remarketing; in Facebook Ads were targeted to narrow interest audiences with narrowing, look-alike audiences and remarketing.
2. Analytics

From the event of conversions we removed such actions as: a call-back, consultation form and subscription to the newsletter. We only left order placement through the cart, thus forming all further optimization actions for the most targeted event. Media planning and actual figures were calculated through Google Analytics using the "Position-based" attribution model, for a more accurate distribution of the value of the traffic channel.
3. Facebook Ads offers

Special offers worked well in targeting advertising to attract new customers. The best result was the offerer "-200 UAH on the first purchase, which was valid when ordering from 1000 UAH. The best remarking result was dynamic ads on the feed.
4. Google Ads campaigns

In contextual advertising, the main volume of orders came from advertising campaigns in the "Order products online" category and branded traffic. The first two months all the campaigns were on the manual rate control, after a sufficient conversions number we switched to the "Target price per conversion" strategy, which allowed us to reduce the cost of the order by 17%. It is worth noting that Smart Shopping gave a small volume of conversions, but at a very low price, up to 15 UAH.
the increase number of orders from online advertising for 6 months
average ROAS for the duration of the advertising campaigns
the average check of orders from advertising campaigns
~925 грн.

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