CPO is 5.5 $ for for women's clothing store
increasing marketing ROI for a designer women's clothing store.
With the previous contractor, reached a maximum of 60-80 sales per month, from contextual and targeted advertising.
Artur Shustov
Founder Morris Digital
  • scale advertising campaigns, with a cost per conversion, not more than $10
  • client cost up to 6,5$
  1. contextual advertising

In contextual advertising, they focused on tools such as Google Shopping, dynamic remarketing and a branded search campaign.
2.Targeted advertising

In targeted advertising, we identified the top 20 products, made dynamic ads with them in the format of a carousel and a selection, so the user could choose the product he likes right in the feed of his smartphone, when he goes directly to the card of this product
3.scaling advertising campaigns

The scaling of advertising campaigns was phased, after the advertising campaigns went through the stage of training and optimization
Customer cost
166 грн
193 668 грн

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