Potential customer's brief before the start of work

Сustomer brief

The answers to the questions below will help us to work out the strategy and, as a result, increase your advertising results

Tell us about your business
First and Last Name
What industry do you work in?
Enter the link to the companys website or social networks
What is the companys main focus area?
List the main competitors of your company?
What is the average bill per customer?
What does the customer who is your target audience look like? Age/interests/income level, etc.
In what regions are you already represented, what is the geography of your business?
What were the results of previous advertising campaigns: cost per application / cost per customer?
What result do you want to get from advertising companies in the following metrics: cost per application/customer value?
What advertising budget do you plan to allocate in the first month?
Is it possible to increase the advertising budget within a month, under the condition of a positive result?